Heat Retention Wear (with sauna effect)

Wear new collection is designed with the fusion of high-tech materials and insider knowledge of the dancers’ needs. With the membrane coated fab ric you can easily minimize the time needed for workout.
Each dancer knows about the importance of the preparatory part. You cannot make a split without spending many months stretching; you cannot make a graceful dance without preparation, it is impossible to achieve lightness of movements without a long perfecting of your skills. To accurately perform the dance elements, you have to warm up.

Grishko Heat retention wear with sauna effect enables you to maintain the temperature of the body during rehearsal. The special fabric isolates the heat of body and create warm microclimate inside the garment that reduces the time of warm-up before the classes. The increasing physical loads together with heat underneath the garment stimulate faster weight loss and helps get rid of extra centimetres from any part of your body.

A good muscle warm-up will prevent injury and give you a great opportunity to realize your abilities.